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Welcome to Decratint, where we specialize in transforming spaces and bringing your vision to life. Meet Gary Miller, the passionate owner who invites you to explore his gallery for inspiration and discover solutions that will elevate your new venture.

With over 40 years of self-employment experience in the window film and vinyl graphics industries, Gaz is a seasoned professional. Decratint has proudly operated for the past 23 years, adapting to the evolving demands of the signage industry and recognising the importance of diversification working with world-class brands and contractors.

As a renowned "Glass Enhancement Specialist," Gary brings a wealth of expertise, prompt client services, meticulous attention to detail, and extensive knowledge of high-quality products. 

One of the key advantages of working with Decratint is our independence from any single supplier. This allows Gary to provide an exciting array of possibilities and choices, tailored to meet your specific wants, needs, and certification requirements. By consulting with you, whether you're a client, project manager, or designer, Decratint's wide-ranging consultations ensure that your upcoming projects, be they new or refurbished, benefit from a wealth of options.

      Gaz's unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and his refreshing 'we can do anything' attitude truly sets him apart in his field. He goes the extra mile, consistently exceeding expectations and infusing each project with enthusiasm. At Decratint, Gary's dedication to excellence ensures an unparalleled level of client satisfaction.



Contact Gary today and engage in a conversation about your vision. Share what YOU want, and watch as he goes above and beyond to turn your dreams into reality. At Decratint, we are committed to delivering an orchestrated and seamless package, bringing harmony and innovation to your space.



Working with Global Companies and within every kind of industry you can think of. Decratint's decades of expertise and projects have proudly created a vast array of outstanding examples of work. No scope is too big or too small. 

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